Hebron Baptist Church

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    The Southern Baptist Convention - www.sbc.net

 Hebron Baptist Church is a cooperating church of the Southern Baptist Convention.


    The Arkansas Baptist State Convention - www.absc.org

Hebron Baptist Church is a cooperating church of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention.


    God Tube - http://www.godtube.com/

What is GodTube? In short, it is the positive alternative to YouTube. Just like youtube there are thousands of hours of user-generated video, but on GodTube everything is God centered.


    Slacker Free Internet Radio - www.slacker.com

 In short, Slacker is free radio like you get at home, only it is online AND everything is customized just for you! Also, no commercials! You can even create you own station by selecting 15 or more of your favorite artist, and when listening to your station the only thing you will hear is the artists that YOU have selected. It gets even more personalized. A song comes on you really don't like, ban it and never hear it again on your station. A song comes on you don't want to listen to right now but don't want to ban, skip it. With dozens of great, positive, Christian, God-centered bands of all different music genera, there is plenty to love, and you will probably find new artists to love that you never knew you liked!



HEARTLIGHT Magazine - www.heartlight.org

HEARTLIGHT Magazine is a daily Christian electronic publication dedicated to providing resources for living victoriously for Jesus in today's world. There are also many great uplifting images on the site that can be used as background images or other uses

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